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14 April 2022

Agile approach and especially scrum are all about iterations. How to split a complex work in a less complex and achievable one. But what if you cannot track your progress? You just feel you are on the good track or not. But you cannot objectivise it with your team.

For that reason, many agile teams loves metrics, KPI, dashboard. Today we realeased the first step of this analytics module of Bricks, with a very popular chart in agile, the burndown chart.

This is a schema to show how it works in theory. So this chart show the number of work that remain to complete a sprint, and if you finish stuff as expected.

In practice in Bricks, we track 2 metrics, the number of Topics and the number of points you estimate each topics.

This way you are not obliged to use estimation, if you don't want to. To view these charts, navigate to planning view and click on an ongoing(started) sprint.

The changes to your topics in Sprint will be visible :

  • If your sprint is running (we don't record otherwise)

  • the sprint is in the present date (the sprint date should correspond to the reality of your work

  • If the change of topic impact the sprint velocity

    • Topics marked as done

    • New topics added to the sprint

  • The sprint initial value will always preserved so you can see if there were some changes in scope that are not ideal if you practice Scrum, but is often not avoidable in real life :)