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6 August 2022

We released new improvements to the IFC viewer :

  • A brand new object explorer tab to navigate in the stucture of the IFC BIM model

  • The possibility to hide / show element or group of element like a storey

  • The possibility to quickly select an object from the scene or from the object explorer tab

  • A translation of the object IFC category to more easily see what the object is : Column vs IFCCOLUMN

As a bonus :

  • We can now measure the 3D objects in the scene!

  • A 3D gizmo to easily switch from a 3D view to an orthogonal one)

  • We refreshed the icons design of the 3D model tab to have a cleared UI with lightweight style

And finally the clipping planes that already existed but are working quite well to go inside a building as well as the object explorer. You now have 2 solutions that can be combined together.

Hide the storeys that cover the space you want to see or do a cross section with the clipping plane feature to see also inside the building.

If you see some features that are missing for you in Bricks IFC viewer please tell us in the Chat. We will more than happy to discuss with you have how we can priorize the features you need.